Great Genealogy Research Groups on Facebook

Genealogy groups on Facebook

Getting started a KHGN getting started group on Genealogy

The Cemetery group of Kentucky

Bowling, Bolling and All Spellings (** My Personal Group)

Appalachian Americans

Families of Bowlingtown: Where are they now?

KHGN Facebook group

Kentucky Kinfolk: Bowling, Baker, Sizemore, Amis, Combs, Cornett (** My Personal Group).

Southeast Kentucky Genealogy

Perry County KY history and Genealogy

Jackson County KY History and Genealogy

Breathitt Memories

Appalachian Mountain People and Places


You’re Probably from Owsley County if...

Cumberland Gap DNA and Genealogy

The Clay County Genealogical and Historical Society

True Appalachian Cultural

Virginia Tall Tales

Kentucky History and Genealogy

Getting Started A KHGN Guide for the Beginning Genealogist

Rockcastle County KY History and Genealogy

Clay County KY History and Genealogy

Jackson KY Memories and Photos

Laurel County KY History and Genealogy

Knox County KY History and Genealogy

Pike County KY History and Genealogy

 Lincoln County KY History and Genealogy

Leslie County KY History and Genealogy

Harlan County KY History and Genealogy

Owsley County KY History and Genealogy

Our Coal Mining Heritage, Appalachia and Beyond

Kentucky’s Feuds

Manchester KY Memories and Photos

Kentucky Beauty through Pictures

Kentucky History and Genealogy in Books

The Cemeteries of Kentucky

South Eastern KY History and Genealogy

Breathitt Memories

North Carolina Genealogy Network

Tri-State Genealogy Connection

Kentucky Tall Tales and Folklore

Lee and Wolfe County KY History

Ky Genealogy Records "Death Do We Part"

Mt. Vernon KY Photos and Memories

Livingston KY Photos and Memories

Tracks of History KY Railroads

Indenturing, Slavery and our Kentucky

KY  History and Genealogy

Memoires of Days Gone by

Kentucky Reunions and Festivals

Between the Rivers, Kentucky and Tennessee

Descendents of the Long Hunters

Families from Breathitt County Kentucky

Breathitt County KY History and Memoires

Virginia Genealogy Network

True Stories and Articles of Breathitt County KY

Old Houses and Barns & Buildings in KY

Old Kentucky Home Cooking

Family Harts Pennsylvania

If you grew up in Orleans Indiana

Wilkes Genealogical Society

Ohio History and Genealogy

Lineage Society of America

Jamestowne Society

Genealogy Documents Library File Room

Nelson County Ky Genealogy

Mayflower Descendants

North Carolina Genealogy Network

Pike County Kentucky History and Genealogy

East KY Facts, Photos

Melungeons and Proud of It

Genealogy and Newspapers

Cortland Cemetery, Owsley county KY

Melungeons Unite

Melungeons and Friends

Stamper Family Project

Tennessee Genealogy

Letcher County KY Genealogy

Hamilton County Ohio Genealogy

Southern KY History and Genealogy

KY Heroes of the Revolutionary War

Kentucky and WWII

 KY Old Farms and Barns

Eastern Kentucky Roots

Google Earth for Genealogy

Genealogy and Historical Databases

Historic Churches of Kentucky

Ky's Old Schools, Memories and Research

Kentucky Historic Asylums, Hospitals and Institutions, "Gone Not Forgotten"

Indiana Genealogy Network

Ohio Genealogy Network

Virginia Genealogy

Kentucky's Neglected or Forgotten Cemeteries

The Cemeteries of Kentucky

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