Jeremiah Bolling of Wise County, Virginia

I found this post tonight, I do not remember the author but I am assuming it came from Wise County Virginia Historical Society, but thought It was interesting.
R.S. Hubbard of the same county came personally before me, Jeremiah Boling, a Justice of the said county on this the 18th day of May, 1870 & made complaint on oath that Amos Boling did on the __ th day of April 1870 in the said county declare & threaten that he would haul away his fence & tear it down by reason whereof he this complainant is afraid & has good cause to fear that the said Amos Boling will do him some injury to his property & therefore prays he may be required to keep the peace & be of good behaviour towards him & this R.S. Hubbard also says on oath that he does not make the complaint against this Amos Boling nor require such surety from any hatred malice or ill will but merely for the preservation of his property from injury.              
Signed: R.S. Hubbard
Sworn to before me 
_ Jeremiah Bolling J.P.
This document was found in an old metal deed box located by Owen and Guy Bolling when they tore down an old log building on the property of Rueben Bolling, on Phillips Creek near Flat Gap, Wise County, Virginia.  The log building was most likely the home occupied by the Jeremiah Bolling Jr. family and his parents, Jeremiah and Sarah Ward Bolling.  The deed box contained documents, tax receipts,  sheets  of paper where the children had practiced their school work and other personel papers that had belonged to Jeremiah Bolling Sr. and Jeremiah Bolling Jr., thus proving that this was the homeplace of the afore mentioned Bollings and the box had been hidden in between the logs and forgotten about for many years.
submitted by Nancy Clark Brown
Wise County, Virginia

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