Sixteenth Generation Stiths

(Article copied as it was written, may contain some grammatical errors.)        

COL. JOHN STITH, of Charles City Co., the first of the name in Virginia, was granted 500 acres of land in 1663. He revolted with Bacon in 1676, and was High Sheriff of his county in 1691. He had issue:

I, WILLIAM STITH, of Charles City Co., who, in 1688, married Mary, daughter of William Randolph, of  “Turkey Island." (see above page 115) Children: I. REV. WILLIAM STITH, b. 1689, d. 17, President of William and Mary College, and Historian of Virginia, who m. Judith Randolph, daughter of Thomas Randolph, of "Tuckahoe," and had, i. Elizabeth, ii. Judith. iii. Polly Stith, of Williamsburg, who d. s. P.  CAPT. JOHN STITH, of Charles City Co., who married Mary, daughter of Tarlton Fleming,of " Rock Castle," and his wife, Mary Page, of" Rosewell," and had issue, i. Judith Stith m. John Maynard, of Halifax Co., (see previous excursus, and Goode Genealogy. No. 735). 3. Mary  STITH, who married Rev. William Dawson, of William and Mary College, Commissary to the Bishop of London, &c., and had issue, i. A son, who m. Miss Johnson, of North Carolina, and had son Hon. William Johnson Dawson, M.C , ii. William, member of the first House of Representatives in Virginia.

2 DRURY STITH, who married Susannah, daughter of Launcelot Bathurst, who came to Virginia about 1670, and granddaughter of Sir Edward Bathurst of Lechdale, England, issue: i. DRURY STITH, of Brunswick Co. who m. Eliz. Buckner; children I. GRIFFIN STITH of Northumberland Co., m. Mary Blakey 1743, and had a, Catherine, b, Eliz. Buckner, c, John Buckner, d, Mary Blaky, e, Griffin, f. Drury, g, William, h, Susannah, m. Christopher Johnson, i, Lucy, m. Mark M. Pringle, k, Janet. 2. BUCKNER STITH, of "Rocksbury," and others.

3, ANNE STITH,Who married, 1681, ROBERT BOLLING, of"Kippax," or "Farmingdale," whose first wife was Jane Rolfe, granddaughter of Pocahontas. The descendants of the Bolling-Stith marriage are numerous. The first generation was as follows: i, ROBERT BOLLING, of Bollingbrook, b. 1682, d. 1749, in. 1706, Anne Cocke, and had nine children: one of his grandsons, Jack Bolling, m. JINNY GOODE, (see Goode Genealogy, No. 65); 2, STITH BOLLING, b 1686, 3 EDWARD Bolling, b 1687, 4, ANNE BOLLING, b 1690, m. Mr. Wynne; 5, DRURY BOLLING, of "Kippax," b. 1695, his only child, Frances, b. 1724, d, 1774, m. Theodrick Bland, and was granddaughter to John Randolph of "Roanoke," and the Tuckers, (see Goode Genealogy, pp.55 and 114); 6, THOMAS, b. 1697; 7, AGNES, 1700, M. COL. Richard Kennon, (for descendants, see Bristol Parish, p 182).

A record of the descendants of Robert Bolling, of Bollingbrook (3-1) is given.  Written by R.A Brock, unknown source.

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